Thursday, January 28, 2010

Photo help for Bead placement BJP

Ok...This is what I have discovered...Take your beads and place them where you are thinking of sewing them, take a photo with your cell phone camera  - or other camera,
and  email them to yourself.  Viewing the photo on the computer screen is larger than on the phone screen and you'll be able to save the shot, plus refer to it as you work!
Here I have laid out the light greenish- yellow beads and the aqua-blue beads, to see if it's how I want them.  I like this and have since begun sewing the beads on my piece.
I also realized that the photo gives a different perspective of my piece, and the view is most helpful in being sure I am achieving the right look.
I am just loving this entire process and experience and am thrilled to be a part of the
BJP 2010!  Watch for more pictures as I get this piece finished.


  1. This is coming along great, love the colors you are putting in to it. Just beautiful, can't wait to see it when it's done. I'm sorry you had a flare up, my best friend was diganosed wiht Fibro a few months ago and she's starting to learn when she needs to just rest. Take care of yourself, the beading will be there when you feel good enough to work on it :)

  2. Hi Debi
    The planning that you are doing for your page is foreign to me. I am so bad I just sit down and bead an idea. Thanks for posting your discoveries of what has helped you design. One thing I decided this year was that I would plan my pages better and sketch a little before I start. I also love you colorful start.

  3. Thanks for the great tip, Debi!!! While I'm like Carol above, your tip will help a lot of beaders!

    Your page is looking really lovely, especially the colors!!!

    Robin A.

  4. This is absolutely beautiful! Thanks for taking the time to make the suggestions for the rest of us.

  5. Thank you all for stopping by to read my blog, also for leaving your comments...they are all much appreciated!
    Happy Beading!

  6. It's lovely. Isn't interesting how a photo can take us one step away so we can look at our work more objectively? At least it helps me do that. Hope you're felling better.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

  7. Thanks Marty, yes I am feeling better...
    and beading again! :-)
    I so agree with the thought that a photo takes us away just
    enough to give us that objectivity we need in our work...well, at least I do.
    Thanks for your thoughts & for stopping by!

  8. What a bright idea! Your piece is going to be beautiful. Love the colors.

  9. I love your colors.... I too am a "planner" although I don't always follow the plan....but flexible is good right? Anyway your piece will be gorgeous when finished.