Sunday, January 30, 2011

BJP 2011 First Beadwork piece of the year

My beadwork journaling this year will be dedicated to my 
brother, Randy, who lost his fight with Leukemia on the 
18th of this month.  He was the oldest in our family of 
5 siblings, and the first to pass away.  

I have decided to take a favorite thing he liked 
and use it for inspiration each month.

Randy and his wife lived on the west coast of Florida, 
right near the beach.  So, one of their favorite things 
to do was go walk the beach, but also to watch the 
sea turtles come up in shore and lay their eggs.  

Here, my first beading piece, is a combination of tye-dye 
material, various unique seashell type beads, and size 15 
beads for a suggestion of sand.  There is a turtle bead 
swimming in the water above the star fish shell 
and all the other shells/beads on the sea floor

Rest in peace big bro...

we miss you so!