Monday, January 25, 2010

Bead Journal update

So...after the week from "He double hockey-sticks!"
Anyone who has Fibromyalgia will know that pressure (stress)
can set off a flare-up and this last week, with really
rotten weather...very heavy rain, and preparing for a formal
Dinner Party this last Saturday("good" silver & all!)...
WHEW! is all I can say!  MY entire body hurt...
even my hands & fingers swelled and were/are in pain!
All went wonderful at the dinner...I am still recovering
So...beading was is on hold for a few days...I should be
back to it in the next couple days, but just didn't want
anyone to think I had disappeared.
I will report more in a day or so with pictures of what
I had accomplished before the wrath of Fibro hit.

Happy Beading everyone!


  1. Debi! I am so sorry to hear that you have this condition. There are so many beaders that I have met on the net that do. I had no idea that it is so prevalent.

    Take good care and rest up. I look forward to you posts and emails. Think Maxine...that should make you feel better.

    XX, Carol

  2. I am sorry you have been in pain. I did not know you had this condition. I hope you feel better very soon. Unfortunately, there is more rain for today and tomorrow. So, stay in and comfortable........ Donna

  3. as a fellow fibro-pain beader, I totally understand. I moved to NM for warmer dryer weather and it's been snowing again today. I ache from head to toe. So what do you do? I do as little as possible, snuggle in bed and read, or put on warm clothes and bead anyway, pain and all. I'm sorry you have to deal with this too. But we all do the best we can. I've had fibro for 20 years so am well acquainted with it. Some days are good, some not. Hang in there and keep beading!!!

  4. Bead princess (Kat?),
    I've had Fibro "officially" for a few years now, but I KNEW I had it for a while before that, so...4 years maybe. I also have arthritis in my back, so it's a real PARTY when the weather is nasty! I just had some spinal radio-frequency ablations done in November, so that's helping.
    Other than that, I have Vicadin, Heating pad, a nice know.."feel good stuff". I also am on Cymbalta for pain and depression...seems to really be helping.
    Thanks for stopping by..
    let's keep in touch, after all we're neighbors!
    I'm in AZ...outside Phoenix!