Monday, January 11, 2010

January's Bead Journal Project Started!!

So, I have finally started my January BJP, and I must say
I am have fun!  I did not use the color palette that I showed
in pictures in my last blog, I was using those colors in a
practice piece.  I am working in size 6"X9"...
OK, ok.   I know it's big, but I feel bigger is easier
& will give me space to explore. well, it sounds good, anyway.
I just started drawing i my sketchbook, which is 6X9,
and went from there.  Someone remind me
of my Bigger is easier" theory in a few months, PLEASE?
I have decided to take the words of a song I like
as my inspiration for each piece this year.  I love music
& wording is very important in my choices.  I was going through
some of the Blogs last week & found "PLAYLIST" on a couple,
and thrilled to find I could add it to my Blog, too!  I had so much
fun picking songs, that I spent more hours doing that instead of
working on my beading!  It was then I realized I needed to
incorporate the two.
So, this month's inspiration is the words to the song "The Climb",
 by Miley Cyrus...
Yes, she is quite young, but the words to that song can be
for any age, any time in life.
I will post photos when I am a bit further along...
my color choices or where I am at the moment are crucial.

Happy Beading everyone!


  1. This is a cool idea. The lyrics to THE CLIMB are certainly appropriate for anyone. I'll be interested in seeing your interpretation of the song.


  2. Well, I'll tell ya....this piece is turning into something quite different than I had originally I am interested in how it will turn out, too!!
    How are you coming along?