Wednesday, December 22, 2010

May's Bead Journal Project Finished!

Well...Finally I have finished my May BJP...
5 finished is better than 4!
I have learned in this first year with BJP
that wanting to finish 12 6inX9in pieces...
and actually doing it are two VERY different things!
Life got in my way!  I just hate when that happens,
don't you?  But!  I am coming back for
BJP 2011 in a smaller size, with more ideas
and more determination to finish all 12,
PLUS! try to finish some more of BJP 2010.
Wish me luck?

So, here we have May...
the musical inspiration are two songs by Gem...
"Down to Earth" and "It's Amazing"
I am moved by the music of "Down to Earth" first,
then I was moved by the words.
"It's Amazing" speaks for it self in the words.
Treat yourself and listen to both before leaving my Blog.
I think you will understand why I chose them.

This is the right side...
I tried doing Peyote stitch right on the fabric.
It came out better than I thought it would!
It's the area in this photo center, rectangular shaped,
greens, dark gold,  etc.  I will use this again
and will try other off loom bead stitches on future pieces.

This is a close up of part of the left side.
I decided not to encrust the fabric with
beads this time.  So, to add some color to
the white felt, I used some watercolor felt tip
pens, and lightly highlighted some areas
to give the piece more depth.

I finished my piece with a beaded border
only where there were no beads already
at the edges.  This gives a feeling of the
piece going further off into space.
I hope you enjoy my latest work
as much as I do.  It's very different from
my other pieces, but I find it has much movement.

I wish you all Happy Holidays..what ever you celebrate.
Thank you for viewing my Blog this year, 
I hope you will tune in for the next year to see 
where I go!  See you on the BJP 2011 and continue on this blog.
HAPPY NEW YEAR and Keep on Beading!


  1. I'm impressed by all of your lovely pieces!

  2. Just beautiful! Love your colors and the detailed creative process you put into each piece.

  3. Well, maybe you only did 5, but your beading is gorgeous! Your colors and glitzy bead selections are perfect. Love it Deb.
    Merry Christmas and wishing you a prosperous new year.

    xx, Carol

    BTW, I have several cyber friends named Deb. You are known at my house as "the Deb that keeps me laughing".

  4. Gee- this is a pretty amazing piece of work here!Love it!! You'll be able to have a real focus on your work now.Hope life's settled down a bit.