Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Still Beading!

Yes, I am still here...just going slow.
I am including pics of my latest piece, MAY.
Just so everyone can see I have a piece in the works.
I was inspired with the colors around the Phoenix
Valley when I started this.  I began in August and have
been slowly adding on.  I also saw the movie "Eat, Pray, Love"
when I was just starting to work,
and the music from India stuck with me...I think you may see
some of the influences here.
At any rate (habitually on "Slow" these days)...
here is what I have done to date.
More will follow soon, I promise!.



  1. Whoa, I want to see the whole picture! This is beautiful. I have a real problem with mixing different colors in here and there. It adds so much depth to a piece.

    Hope you are going to join BJP next year too. No matter if you are behind. I am too and just decided not to try to catch up, but begin a fresh year.

    My life is so in disarray all the time that if I get any time at all for me, I don't often spend it beading. No matter. Hope you come back. Wouldn't want to lose touch with you.

  2. This looks wonderful - can't wait to see the finished item.

  3. GORGEOUS! and I definitely feel the environment that inspired this piece...really lovely :>]]

  4. Can't wait to see it…..
    Hope it's very soon -

  5. Slow is OK, Slow is good, Slow lets you listen to the beads and where your Muse wants you to take them....