Sunday, August 8, 2010

Update on the April BJP

Well, after I looked at the Blog of my April piece, I realized it needed some tweaking!
Soooooo, I added some beads to the lower right side and am happy with the change...
check it out.



More balanced, huh?
Anyway, it's late & I'm beat!  Hope you like the improvements.


  1. I really "feel" this one, it's wonderful! I understand why Van Gogh's painting inspired you, in fact a print of this one hangs in our house. It's always been a favorite. I've never seen Don McLean in person, but have always loved his work and especially this song. I relate to so much in this piece, and applaud your interpretation. The flow is wonderful, lends a peacefulness to an otherwise restless theme. Very well done, especially the perfect placement of each bead. I love it!

  2. Super piece! The balance of elements is great and I also love your colors here...I think you've expressed your theme beautifully.

  3. I bet both Don and Vincent would love your SW interpretation, Debi... as do I. The colors are perfect for Vincent and for the SW. Your coyote is masterfully beaded. I'm not sure that the extra beads you added make a difference in the impression given by the whole piece because the moon and coyote connection is soooooo strong. But I totally support tweaking work after it's finished when it calls to you. Robin A

  4. Like I said, this is just lovely!