Saturday, August 7, 2010

April's BJP - Starry Starry (Coyote) Night

And so I have finished my April BJP...inspired by the song by Don McLean....
"Starry Starry Night", which is also the name of a painting by Van Gogh, and the song is about his life.  Also inspired by living in the Southwest (Arizona), and the wildlife here.
The song Starry Starry Night is an old favorite of mine, I saw McLean sing it live, many years ago, in Chicago. It is about an passionate, struggling artist, who's emotionally frustrated in how he can paint what he sees and feels...all the color, textures, the movement, the expressions (peoples faces) and what it all him.
I identify with the artist...struggling, emotional and  passionate.  I wanted to do an HOMAGE to "Vincent" with my own southwest spin...and this is what happened.

The palette is from the colors in the song, along with a bit of what colors Van Gogh used in some of his most famous paintings...the layout of my piece is influenced by the Starry Starry Night painting, but it ends there.

I used a coyote in the foreground instead of his Fantasy Mountain-shaped rocks.  The coyote is howling at the moon, so I used beads in a dotted line up and swirling over to the moon, in a way that suggests the heavy brushstrokes Van Gogh used in his the sky especially.  His steeple in the town down below is represented by my saurago cactus.  The rest pretty well speaks for itself.

I am please with this piece in that it says what I wanted
and the colors really speak to me.
I hope you all enjoy this latest beadwork journal entry.



  1. Wow Debi, the use of the bead colors for shading is astounding. The coyote is unreal. The color transitions are so thought out. Really a great job. Each month's piece is more beautiful than the previous month's.

  2. DEBI!!!
    This piece is absolutely WONDERFUL!! The color, the shading, the movement, the expression. Its Fabulous. I just love it. I really do.
    xx, Carol