Monday, March 22, 2010

February's BeadworkJournal in progress

I HAD a piece of music/song for an inspiration and to be playing on my "Playlist" for this piece.  After I had already started my work, somehow the piece of music was recorded over with some unknown person singing (rather off key) a different song by Carol King than the song I had on my list...which was (of course) "Tapestry".  I was perfect, but NOoooo!
SO..I have continued to work on this, just letting my inner artistic child have some fun, figuring the Universe was telling me something...and this is what I have created so far.
I decided to just let it be and have fun.  I am currently torn between two songs that are inspiring the rest of this piece.  I will let you know what I have decided when I finish.
Your input is welcomed.


  1. Well you colors are great. its going to be interesting to see this completed and to find out about the part on the right with a google eye!
    xx, Carol

  2. Well, it's right up my alley. I'm loving it the way it is! Beautiful as always. -M

  3. I love this! The colors are great, very striking! I could see it finished just like it is as well, but how neat it will be to see it when you are finished with it.

  4. Carol..."Google eye"???

    Thanks Mar, you always make me feel so positive about my work!

    Whytefeather..Thanks for the encouragement and positive strokes...I am a bit out of my comfort zone just winging it like this...
    but I must admit, it IS kinda fun to just let go and "play"!

  5. I think this is wonderful. and I DID find the third face…. The eye is on the right and it is looking up! I knew it! You are so free with this piece - go for it.