Sunday, February 21, 2010

January Bead Journal Finally Finished!

At last!  I have finished (the beading part) of my first Bead 
Journal Project.  I realize now that 6"X9" was too ambitious 
a size for first time Bead Journaling...but I've done one now 
and I am sticking to my decision.
Just don't expect February's piece to be done in two weeks!!

Anyway, my inspiration for this year's pieces is songs..words of 
songs.There is a lot going on in my life right now.  Music and 
singing my heart out (when no one can hear me) has always been 
a wonderful way to release my feelings when I need to.  So, 
I was listening to the radio and heard the song "The Climb" 
sung by young Mylie Cyrus. The song's message is basically that 
it isn't about the destination,but about the journey.  
Before I knew it, I was visualizing mountains,
and just started beading. This is what I created.

I have put the song "The Climb" on my Playlist, so you can 
listen while you look and read my post.

I used stiff felt for my backing, the sky is also felt with 
cut out areas where I beaded the clouds.  The blue felt 
has sticky backing so I did that part at the very end, 
after I realized the original fabric I was going to use for 
the sky was too busy.  The fabric is blue sky with clouds 
and I thought it would be perfect!  Once I finished 
beading all the "land", and I saw all the movement the 
beading created, I realized the cloud fabric would have 
just killed the entire piece.
So, luckily I had the blue felt and tried it...Voila!

For my first time out, I am pleased with my work...
I also know I am far from where I want to be.
But it's all about the JOURNEY!! Right?
Now on to start February...


  1. I tried to hear the song but for some reason it does not work. Debi, I do not know what you mean by being far from where you want to be. For me your work is poetic and beautiful. I like it a lot.
    Miri A.

  2. Extremely lovely landscape! I want to call it "bead painting".

  3. YOU DID IT! Absolutely beautiful - I love the texture of the mountains and feel the flow.
    Can't wait for the next one…..

  4. This is GORGEOUS! Your beading is just so flowing and well-done. It's a feast for the eyes! I love the water flowing down out of the mountains. And I agree - the blue felt sky is perfect for the piece. I can't wait to see February!!

  5. So beautiful. I like the way your "stream" tumbles down.

  6. What a beautiful scene! The way you positioned the beads shows the contours of the mountains. It's been fun to watch this piece grow.
    Marty S
    Crackpot Beader

  7. Debi, your beading is absolute perfection. Your visual interpretation of the song in right on. I love this piece!
    xx,. Carol

  8. I've loved watching this one develop, you've done such a wonderful job across the board on this.

  9. Oh Debi, it is breathtaking! So proud of your achievement. It is just gorgeous! The colors, composition, movement of the beads, the music, words, it is just beautiful. In a word, WOW.

  10. Thank you, thank you to everyone for all the wonderful words and "strokes" about my work. I can't tell you all how warm and encouraging it makes me feel that others
    get and understand what I tried to say here...
    I am grinning ear to ear!
    Thank you for taking the time to send your thoughts, I
    appreciate it more than you know!

    Debi W.

  11. Wow what a huge accomplishment. It is so gorgeous. The texture is wonderful. Julie C

  12. There's so much beautiful beading here, Debi... I bet it took MANY hours. While you were beading, did you feel you were participating in the message of the song, climbing the mountains? My favorite part is the way you showed and beaded the stream flowing down from the top of the mountains to the lake or ocean below. It sparkles with life! As someone else commented, it's been fun to see this grow!

    Robin A.

  13. So…..have you started the next one????

  14. The piece is wonderful, Debi! My first year I chose a size that was too big, this year, I wish I'd made it a big larger. Every size has its challenges, but you've done a beautiful job!

  15. Loves it! I want to go walking in your landscape!

  16. Wow. Beautifully done. Maybe you could just make smaller companion pieces to go around this big piece for the rest of the year? ;- )

  17. oh my...what a lovely, lovely've bitten off a lot but are clearly up to it...bravo!

  18. This is the most amazing bead project I have ever seen! I cannot believe the work here. Fantastic job!