Thursday, December 3, 2009

As I said, I would probably not be posting every day right now because of the holidays.  Well, this is part of what I have been doing the past few days...

We don't have a Christmas tree anymore.  It's just too much heavy work, and both my husband & I have back issues, so we can't handle lifting and all the bending with hanging ornaments all over the tree.

We used to have a huge tree with many ornaments & it's a bit weird not to have that any more...weird for about a couple days & then..."WHEW! I don't have take anything down on New Year's Day!!"

Anyway...we have lots of holiday decorations still and that is what I have been busy putting all over the house...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm Back...

Ok, so Thanksgiving 2009 is now a memory and we are all eating turkey leftovers...still!
Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, but we have been busy with the holiday weekend and with getting things out to decorate for Christmas.  So, I haven't had time to bead :-(
and I haven't had time to take new pictures to post either!  I will show you what happened after I did the two shadow boxes with the Diane Fitzgerald inspired flowers.

I was so involved in making the flowers, they began to "grow" (sorry, couldn't help the pun)!  Each flower had a newer look, more beads, different types of looks, more embellishment to the center and to the outer areas...  One had wire leaves, another had pistil and stamen, all very unique...and I was having a Ball!  Oh, by the way, I decided to make them into separate flower pins.

And, so, the idea of any beading on fabric has taken a back seat for a couple years while I pursued my passion in flowers (Oh, I did it again...sorry!).
Now I feel ready to begin beading in a new light.  I love the idea of texture on fabric and the movement that various stitches with beads can create.  After the Christmas rush is over, and I can sit down, listening to "Chestnut roasting on an open fire"... I will start working some of those stitches in my practices for the January Bead Journal.
I cannot promise I will blog every day right now, with the Christmas decorating and such, but I will try!