Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm Back...

Ok, so Thanksgiving 2009 is now a memory and we are all eating turkey leftovers...still!
Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, but we have been busy with the holiday weekend and with getting things out to decorate for Christmas.  So, I haven't had time to bead :-(
and I haven't had time to take new pictures to post either!  I will show you what happened after I did the two shadow boxes with the Diane Fitzgerald inspired flowers.

I was so involved in making the flowers, they began to "grow" (sorry, couldn't help the pun)!  Each flower had a newer look, more beads, different types of looks, more embellishment to the center and to the outer areas...  One had wire leaves, another had pistil and stamen, all very unique...and I was having a Ball!  Oh, by the way, I decided to make them into separate flower pins.

And, so, the idea of any beading on fabric has taken a back seat for a couple years while I pursued my passion in flowers (Oh, I did it again...sorry!).
Now I feel ready to begin beading in a new light.  I love the idea of texture on fabric and the movement that various stitches with beads can create.  After the Christmas rush is over, and I can sit down, listening to "Chestnut roasting on an open fire"... I will start working some of those stitches in my practices for the January Bead Journal.
I cannot promise I will blog every day right now, with the Christmas decorating and such, but I will try!


  1. These are really lovely! YOu just keep getting better and better!
    Where are you taking them to sell? Somepalce good I hope.
    Why not SHOW them as pins, as a couple of flowers together - as bouquets!

  2. I'm sorry - I think you sen ta message but it's gone......

  3. Welcome to the BJP 03. I think you will really enjoy it and meets lots of new friends.

    I love your flowers and I think I will have to look at that book. I crochet and I think your flowers would make wonderful shawl pins.

    I like your idea of decorating for Christmas without a tree.My 2 grandsons (14 and 12) live with us so I still have a tree, but I have tons of Christmas dolls and decorations that I don't put out and it would be nice just to use them without the hastle of the tree. Great idea.

    Happy New Year,
    Carol in Indiana

  4. Love your blog! My sister-in-law Lynn K forwarded your e-mail to her and I'm so glad she did! I am inspired to try my hand at bead emproidery! I love beading and I used to embroider and do crewel work, too.It seems to be a perfect match for me. When I visit Lynn and Ralph next, I hope I get to visit with you!

    Keep up all the beautiful work!
    Gayle in KC, MO