Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Beaded Shadow Boxes

Well, here are two beaded shadow boxes I tried doing when I first learned to make some of the flowers from Diane Fitzgerald's book "The Beaded Garden".  I was looking for something new to try and there they were!  I have been interested in the idea of using beads on fabric to create a textured "painting", and as I was working with the beaded flowers, and then using some of the old French Beaded Flower methods of the leaves and stems, I finally put something together.  For a time, I was just making flowers, leaves and stems...over and over, while I tried to figure out what to do with all of them!  One day I held a bunch in my hand a Voila!, I knew what I wanted.  My husband loves the bug in the lower right the best of all.

I sewed the work on to suede fabric for the first piece, not so good!  The suede moved all over the place and was waaaay to light weight for all the beadwork!  Ok, lesson learned.  I used just stiff, colored felt for the second one and I feel this look is more
towards what I had in mind.  Art is always a work in progress..yes?

Anyway, this is where I started with beads and fabric...more to come...

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