Sunday, April 12, 2015


i am attempting to post ...just to see if my Blog is still there.  At the moment, when trying to open my Blog...after a coup,e seconds, the screen shows some other site with neon log...or something.
Here goes...fingers crossed!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

BJP 2011 First Beadwork piece of the year

My beadwork journaling this year will be dedicated to my 
brother, Randy, who lost his fight with Leukemia on the 
18th of this month.  He was the oldest in our family of 
5 siblings, and the first to pass away.  

I have decided to take a favorite thing he liked 
and use it for inspiration each month.

Randy and his wife lived on the west coast of Florida, 
right near the beach.  So, one of their favorite things 
to do was go walk the beach, but also to watch the 
sea turtles come up in shore and lay their eggs.  

Here, my first beading piece, is a combination of tye-dye 
material, various unique seashell type beads, and size 15 
beads for a suggestion of sand.  There is a turtle bead 
swimming in the water above the star fish shell 
and all the other shells/beads on the sea floor

Rest in peace big bro...

we miss you so!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

May's Bead Journal Project Finished!

Well...Finally I have finished my May BJP...
5 finished is better than 4!
I have learned in this first year with BJP
that wanting to finish 12 6inX9in pieces...
and actually doing it are two VERY different things!
Life got in my way!  I just hate when that happens,
don't you?  But!  I am coming back for
BJP 2011 in a smaller size, with more ideas
and more determination to finish all 12,
PLUS! try to finish some more of BJP 2010.
Wish me luck?

So, here we have May...
the musical inspiration are two songs by Gem...
"Down to Earth" and "It's Amazing"
I am moved by the music of "Down to Earth" first,
then I was moved by the words.
"It's Amazing" speaks for it self in the words.
Treat yourself and listen to both before leaving my Blog.
I think you will understand why I chose them.

This is the right side...
I tried doing Peyote stitch right on the fabric.
It came out better than I thought it would!
It's the area in this photo center, rectangular shaped,
greens, dark gold,  etc.  I will use this again
and will try other off loom bead stitches on future pieces.

This is a close up of part of the left side.
I decided not to encrust the fabric with
beads this time.  So, to add some color to
the white felt, I used some watercolor felt tip
pens, and lightly highlighted some areas
to give the piece more depth.

I finished my piece with a beaded border
only where there were no beads already
at the edges.  This gives a feeling of the
piece going further off into space.
I hope you enjoy my latest work
as much as I do.  It's very different from
my other pieces, but I find it has much movement.

I wish you all Happy Holidays..what ever you celebrate.
Thank you for viewing my Blog this year, 
I hope you will tune in for the next year to see 
where I go!  See you on the BJP 2011 and continue on this blog.
HAPPY NEW YEAR and Keep on Beading!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Still Beading!

Yes, I am still here...just going slow.
I am including pics of my latest piece, MAY.
Just so everyone can see I have a piece in the works.
I was inspired with the colors around the Phoenix
Valley when I started this.  I began in August and have
been slowly adding on.  I also saw the movie "Eat, Pray, Love"
when I was just starting to work,
and the music from India stuck with me...I think you may see
some of the influences here.
At any rate (habitually on "Slow" these days)...
here is what I have done to date.
More will follow soon, I promise!.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Update on the April BJP

Well, after I looked at the Blog of my April piece, I realized it needed some tweaking!
Soooooo, I added some beads to the lower right side and am happy with the change...
check it out.



More balanced, huh?
Anyway, it's late & I'm beat!  Hope you like the improvements.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

April's BJP - Starry Starry (Coyote) Night

And so I have finished my April BJP...inspired by the song by Don McLean....
"Starry Starry Night", which is also the name of a painting by Van Gogh, and the song is about his life.  Also inspired by living in the Southwest (Arizona), and the wildlife here.
The song Starry Starry Night is an old favorite of mine, I saw McLean sing it live, many years ago, in Chicago. It is about an passionate, struggling artist, who's emotionally frustrated in how he can paint what he sees and feels...all the color, textures, the movement, the expressions (peoples faces) and what it all him.
I identify with the artist...struggling, emotional and  passionate.  I wanted to do an HOMAGE to "Vincent" with my own southwest spin...and this is what happened.

The palette is from the colors in the song, along with a bit of what colors Van Gogh used in some of his most famous paintings...the layout of my piece is influenced by the Starry Starry Night painting, but it ends there.

I used a coyote in the foreground instead of his Fantasy Mountain-shaped rocks.  The coyote is howling at the moon, so I used beads in a dotted line up and swirling over to the moon, in a way that suggests the heavy brushstrokes Van Gogh used in his the sky especially.  His steeple in the town down below is represented by my saurago cactus.  The rest pretty well speaks for itself.

I am please with this piece in that it says what I wanted
and the colors really speak to me.
I hope you all enjoy this latest beadwork journal entry.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

March BJP is DONE at last!!

OK, so better late than never, right?
House guests, asthma, fibromyalgia, and just keeping up with the house and outside areas
kept me pretty busy and away from my beading project more than I would like for the last month or so.  I really DO love this group and the BJP concept, so I am working on getting more done in less time in the future.

For now...on to the beadwork for March.  My music inspirations were Over the Rainbow, What a Wonderful World...and...Woodstock!   Ya just can't take the Hippie out of the girl, no matter how old she's gotten!
"Rainbow" was the color inspiration...with the Spring came all sorts of color here (Arizona).
We had so much winter rain that the desert exploded into color when it go warm...I was thrilled and it shows.

  So...with the bright fabric
I chose for this month's is my , very colorful, wildly free, flowery beadwork.

"What a Wonderful World" is to say look at the little things all around you..even in this stressful time we are all living in, there IS beauty and love all around us, we might have to look harder, but it's there.  It's in the little things people do and say...watching wildlife as they chase and play, brilliant sunsets after a rainy day.  All beautiful and all wonderful...

"Woodstock" brings free spirit color and flowers!  Of course! 

So...with the bright fabric I chose for this month's piece...
here is my , very colorful, wildly free, flowery beadwork.

This is much different from the last two months beaded pieces.  I just let my inner child go to town and play!  This is what she came up with...
Hope you enjoy it!

Friday, April 16, 2010

At Last! February's Bead Journal is DONE!!

Yes folks, I really did finish...and I bet you thought I faded off in the beaded air, right?
NOPE! it is.

As I wrote in my last post, I had based this piece on the song "Tapestry", and my colors were already set in when the "music phantom" stole the song from "Playlist"!!  Really!
Some woman is singing a song in it's's kinda funny actually, but I was ticked off when I first heard it.  I had to find a new song to set to my piece!   Well, lucky for me, I have had a bunch of songs on my playlist that I listen to while I bead, and one just spoke to me as I beaded this...It's called "SING" - from Annie Lennox's CD:
"Songs of Mass Destruction" .  This song has haunted me for a very long time.  I was just drawn to it and couldn't grasp the reason...I loved the SISTERHOOD feel with all the women singing and kept thinking, boy a few of these voices sound familiar (never thinking to actually read the pamphlet with the words and information that comes with the CD - duh!).  I just felt like every time the song would come on, it was like some theme or anthem I was belting out (in the privacy of my beading studio)!  Finally I decided to look at the info inclosed with the CD and there it was!
Well, actually, here it is, in part:

"Several years ago I personally witnessed Nelson Mandela, standing in front of his former prison cell on Robben Island, addressing the world's press.  His message was that the pandemic of HIV/AIDS in Africa was in fact, a genocide.  Since that time I resolved to do as much as I can to bring attention to the HIV/AIDS crisis...

I would like to thank the choir of 23 who are...
Anastacia, Angelique Kidjo, Beth Gibbons, Beth Orton, Beverly Knight, Bonnie Raitt, Celine Dion, Dido, Faith Hill, Fergie, Gladys Knight, Isobel Cambell, Joss Stone, K.D. Lang, 
Kit Tunstall, Madonna, Martha wainwright, Melissa Etheridge, Pink, Sarah McLachlin, Shakira, Shingai Shoniwa, Sugababes..."  

Boy was I surprised!  I knew I recognized some of those voices!!  They sound great.

I had already put some cut out pieces of fabric and some beaded areas on my felt backing when Tapestry disappeared, so the foundation was set way before I decided on SING as my song.  As I beaded, I began to see shapes, faces, things that represented ideas to me.  Here is MY interpretation of my work as it relates to the song SING:

I see two women's faces - profiles - they are African, one with a headdress of sorts, the other with very very short hair.  I also see the shape of an unborn baby. 


There are some very dark beaded areas - invaders, AIDS viruses...these HIV/AIDS areas are invading the otherwise colorful worlds of these women and the child.  
All women...all people!

 As my husband says, "I don't need any explanation...
                           I just think it's a pretty beaded piece as it sits!"
                                                 And that's ok, too.

 One last thing...  Robin,  I let my inner artistic child loose here and this is what she did!
The lighter side of this experience is that I had a lot of fun and shocked myself at how I pulled things together without lots of planning.
Now on to March...I am just slow I guess!
Debi W.

Monday, March 22, 2010

February's BeadworkJournal in progress

I HAD a piece of music/song for an inspiration and to be playing on my "Playlist" for this piece.  After I had already started my work, somehow the piece of music was recorded over with some unknown person singing (rather off key) a different song by Carol King than the song I had on my list...which was (of course) "Tapestry".  I was perfect, but NOoooo!
SO..I have continued to work on this, just letting my inner artistic child have some fun, figuring the Universe was telling me something...and this is what I have created so far.
I decided to just let it be and have fun.  I am currently torn between two songs that are inspiring the rest of this piece.  I will let you know what I have decided when I finish.
Your input is welcomed.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I am still here...

Hello all,
Just dropping a note to say I am still here and working on February's project,
albeit slowly.  There have been some things going on here that called for my putting the beading aside for a bit.  Family health problems and then one of my Standard Poodles has
injured his knee and has surgery this morning...poor baby is hobbling around on three legs!  So sad.  Well, now, while I nurse him back to good health, I will sit and should make for an interesting piece!
Take care all!
Debi W.

Robin, thank you for your comments on January's project...yes I was thinking about the mountains, about sitting by the rushing stream, about running (in earlier days!) through the fields...all while I listened to THE CLIMB and beaded.  I am very touched by so many people's comments and encouragement!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

January Bead Journal Finally Finished!

At last!  I have finished (the beading part) of my first Bead 
Journal Project.  I realize now that 6"X9" was too ambitious 
a size for first time Bead Journaling...but I've done one now 
and I am sticking to my decision.
Just don't expect February's piece to be done in two weeks!!

Anyway, my inspiration for this year's pieces is songs..words of 
songs.There is a lot going on in my life right now.  Music and 
singing my heart out (when no one can hear me) has always been 
a wonderful way to release my feelings when I need to.  So, 
I was listening to the radio and heard the song "The Climb" 
sung by young Mylie Cyrus. The song's message is basically that 
it isn't about the destination,but about the journey.  
Before I knew it, I was visualizing mountains,
and just started beading. This is what I created.

I have put the song "The Climb" on my Playlist, so you can 
listen while you look and read my post.

I used stiff felt for my backing, the sky is also felt with 
cut out areas where I beaded the clouds.  The blue felt 
has sticky backing so I did that part at the very end, 
after I realized the original fabric I was going to use for 
the sky was too busy.  The fabric is blue sky with clouds 
and I thought it would be perfect!  Once I finished 
beading all the "land", and I saw all the movement the 
beading created, I realized the cloud fabric would have 
just killed the entire piece.
So, luckily I had the blue felt and tried it...Voila!

For my first time out, I am pleased with my work...
I also know I am far from where I want to be.
But it's all about the JOURNEY!! Right?
Now on to start February...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Special find on fellow BJP's blog!

I found this "Promise" on Carol D.'s Blog.
It is from the book "The Secret"I had to copy
and post it here to share with everyone.
Just wonderful words, thoughts...
reminding us all to try to be better people - 
especially in the present state of the world!
Have a safe a happy day everyone!
Thank you Carol for sharing!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Jan. BJP - still beading

Ok, I am still not finished with January's piece for BJP,
but I AM having fun!
I will have to choose a less complicated design for February,
or I will never catch up!
So, I have taken pictures of my progress and
I am really hoping to be finished with this piece this week.

Here are a couple pictures.

Thanks for stopping by
Now, back to this piece!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Photo help for Bead placement BJP

Ok...This is what I have discovered...Take your beads and place them where you are thinking of sewing them, take a photo with your cell phone camera  - or other camera,
and  email them to yourself.  Viewing the photo on the computer screen is larger than on the phone screen and you'll be able to save the shot, plus refer to it as you work!
Here I have laid out the light greenish- yellow beads and the aqua-blue beads, to see if it's how I want them.  I like this and have since begun sewing the beads on my piece.
I also realized that the photo gives a different perspective of my piece, and the view is most helpful in being sure I am achieving the right look.
I am just loving this entire process and experience and am thrilled to be a part of the
BJP 2010!  Watch for more pictures as I get this piece finished.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Bead Journal update

So...after the week from "He double hockey-sticks!"
Anyone who has Fibromyalgia will know that pressure (stress)
can set off a flare-up and this last week, with really
rotten weather...very heavy rain, and preparing for a formal
Dinner Party this last Saturday("good" silver & all!)...
WHEW! is all I can say!  MY entire body hurt...
even my hands & fingers swelled and were/are in pain!
All went wonderful at the dinner...I am still recovering
So...beading was is on hold for a few days...I should be
back to it in the next couple days, but just didn't want
anyone to think I had disappeared.
I will report more in a day or so with pictures of what
I had accomplished before the wrath of Fibro hit.

Happy Beading everyone!

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

My Bead Journal Project - January -In progress...

Ok, well, here is my first attempt at bead journaling beading on fabric
(stiff felt this time).  I am using 6"X9" as my size for the year...
I decided to put the beads I am working with on a bead pad instead
of that clear plastic tray - it was too full of static & all my beads went
scurrying around!, too funny!
So, I am busy beading & just wanted to get some pictures out to
document my progress.
More later!

Debi W.

I have tried over & over to turn this photo. It is correct on my computer (along with two others, but when I chose it to put on the post it turns on it's side!...
Oh get the idea of what I am beading, anyway...

Debi W.

Monday, January 11, 2010

January's Bead Journal Project Started!!

So, I have finally started my January BJP, and I must say
I am have fun!  I did not use the color palette that I showed
in pictures in my last blog, I was using those colors in a
practice piece.  I am working in size 6"X9"...
OK, ok.   I know it's big, but I feel bigger is easier
& will give me space to explore. well, it sounds good, anyway.
I just started drawing i my sketchbook, which is 6X9,
and went from there.  Someone remind me
of my Bigger is easier" theory in a few months, PLEASE?
I have decided to take the words of a song I like
as my inspiration for each piece this year.  I love music
& wording is very important in my choices.  I was going through
some of the Blogs last week & found "PLAYLIST" on a couple,
and thrilled to find I could add it to my Blog, too!  I had so much
fun picking songs, that I spent more hours doing that instead of
working on my beading!  It was then I realized I needed to
incorporate the two.
So, this month's inspiration is the words to the song "The Climb",
 by Miley Cyrus...
Yes, she is quite young, but the words to that song can be
for any age, any time in life.
I will post photos when I am a bit further along...
my color choices or where I am at the moment are crucial.

Happy Beading everyone!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Bead Journal Time!

Ok, so I have come back to the land of the living (pretty much), after being down with the FLU since before Christmas!  My husband got it the full week before Christmas & he was so very sweet to share it with me a few days later.  Oh what fun!  All we did was grunt to each other for days...mumbling "Merry Christmas", as we went from the mug of hot lemon, honey & tea, to the box of Kleenex, to the bowl of chicken soup, and back to bed.  UGH!
I am now ready to really start beading, and the Bead Journal Project is just what the doctor ordered!  I have been playing around with colors and some stitches on a piece of cloth, just for ideas & to get a feel for beading on fabric.  I am pretty sure my size will be 6 X 6inches so I can play, but not get overwhelmed by size.  This is not going to be a long
post, because I am ready to start this project and I want to get that first "splash of paint on the blank canvas" to speak!
So, here are a couple photos and I will post more next time...
I promise it will be much sooner than this last time!

Happy beading everyone!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

As I said, I would probably not be posting every day right now because of the holidays.  Well, this is part of what I have been doing the past few days...

We don't have a Christmas tree anymore.  It's just too much heavy work, and both my husband & I have back issues, so we can't handle lifting and all the bending with hanging ornaments all over the tree.

We used to have a huge tree with many ornaments & it's a bit weird not to have that any more...weird for about a couple days & then..."WHEW! I don't have take anything down on New Year's Day!!"

Anyway...we have lots of holiday decorations still and that is what I have been busy putting all over the house...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I'm Back...

Ok, so Thanksgiving 2009 is now a memory and we are all eating turkey leftovers...still!
Sorry I haven't posted in a few days, but we have been busy with the holiday weekend and with getting things out to decorate for Christmas.  So, I haven't had time to bead :-(
and I haven't had time to take new pictures to post either!  I will show you what happened after I did the two shadow boxes with the Diane Fitzgerald inspired flowers.

I was so involved in making the flowers, they began to "grow" (sorry, couldn't help the pun)!  Each flower had a newer look, more beads, different types of looks, more embellishment to the center and to the outer areas...  One had wire leaves, another had pistil and stamen, all very unique...and I was having a Ball!  Oh, by the way, I decided to make them into separate flower pins.

And, so, the idea of any beading on fabric has taken a back seat for a couple years while I pursued my passion in flowers (Oh, I did it again...sorry!).
Now I feel ready to begin beading in a new light.  I love the idea of texture on fabric and the movement that various stitches with beads can create.  After the Christmas rush is over, and I can sit down, listening to "Chestnut roasting on an open fire"... I will start working some of those stitches in my practices for the January Bead Journal.
I cannot promise I will blog every day right now, with the Christmas decorating and such, but I will try!